About Short Notice

Are you a skilled tradesmen or maybe a college student or retiree who has some free time and would like to use your skills to make money. From computer programmers to baby sitters, short notice welcomes all freelancers and business who wish to take part in the fast growing gig economy. The Short notice app will never dictate rates you can charge or collect a percentage of your earnings; you will be your own boss. Simply register, click on the make money tab and get hired.

Have you ever found yourself in dire need of service on demand? Suppose you need plumber on the weekend to fix the leak that can't wait till Monday, or maybe your air conditioning has stopped working in the middle of a heat wave, Modern life creates a never ending list of tasks and projects that need to get done, whether it's getting a massage or finding a dog walker short notice is the app that provides service on demand to fit your schedule. Short notice connects you with skilled free lancers and small business who can get your job done when you need it, even if it's at the last minute. The short notice app allows you to find service providers in your area and track them in real time, all in one easy to use efficient mobile app free of charge.




I am glad I found Short notice, it allows me to do freelance work and earn money on the weekends. Its like having a second job when I have time for a second job.  If I have other commitments I just hide my posting.