Short notice is the app that connects people with the service they need when they need it, Our mission is to accomplish this in a simple and efficient app free of charge to both consumer and service provider.

Just tap on the blue "get service" button Get service and search within the 8 main categories for the service you are looking for. Service providers that show up on the map with blue pins  are available on standard service. Providers who appear on the map with green pins  are available on short notice and their location can be tracked in real time on the map ensuring you get serviced in a timely manner. Perhaps you don't see the service you require, tap on the yellow Ask for service button and post within the app so that service providers can contact you.

If you are a service provider looking to promote your service or supplement your income tap on the green Make money button decide whether you want to be available on short or standard notice (you can switch between the two at anytime). Depending on your availability and post your services free of any charges.




I am glad I found Shortnotice, it allows me to do freelance work on the weekends and earn money. Its like having a second job when I have time for a second job.  If I have other commitments I just hide my posting.